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You don't need to make any financial investments or study complicated algorithms - just follow each step of the guide.

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Watching videos for money: How It Works

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Download the INFOCOIN app easily from any application market: App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery. Thanks to the app, the consumer can conveniently view promotional and informative products anytime, anywhere: at home, in the car, or even on public transport. Such an approach motivates the viewer to view the content more often and significantly increases the views of advertising videos. The app is straightforward to use. No special skills are needed to earn money watching videos app - any gadget user can handle the task.

Download InfoCoin on the App Store & Google Play

Cash out instructions from InfoCoin app

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How to get money by watching videos at INCOFOIN: Detailed guide

Sign Up Steps at INFOCOIN

Click on the «sign up» button in the website’s header and select «for viewer»:

  1. Enter your current email address in the top line of the new window;
  2. Next, enter your full name;
  3. Enter your date of birth;
  4. Enter your password;
  5. Enter the password in the field «confirm password»;
  6. Enter the country of residence;
  7. Next, you need to get acquainted with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the platform, and if you agree with it, check the box;
  8. Then click on the field «register account».

To start using the INFOCOIN platform fully, to get rewarded for watching videos and to withdraw earnings to your card, you must undergo a verification process, which means filling in your contact details and confirming the phone number. Click on «go to profile» in the top right corner to do this

Specify Your Interests

Proceed directly to work on INFOCOIN. Before you earn rewards for watching videos, each viewer needs to specify their interests. To do this, go to «categories» in the column on the left.
You’ll see a window with different icons — these are categories according to your interests. Choose whatever interests you now and click on «subscribe» under the topic you are interested in. This is necessary in order to INFOCOIN offer you, firstly, videos that match your interests. Don’t worry. You can unsubscribe from the previously selected category at any time and subscribe to new interests.
If the categories are selected, you can earn money by watching videos! Select «My playlist» from the list on the left. You will see here a collection of videos generated according to your interests. Play the videos and earn money from the views. It should be noted that it will take a little while to view a video, as the platform rules state one video can be up to 20 seconds long.

To get paid for viewing one video and start watching the next, a couple of conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Watch the video to the end;
  • Confirm your presence and viewing with Touch ID (fingerprint), Face ID (face scanner), Face Unlock, or CAPTCHA (unique security code).

You can confirm your identity using the Face Unlock feature if you watch the content from a computer or laptop with a camera. With this feature, artificial intelligence via the camera will read your face points. You can activate Face Unlock in your account under » Configuring identity verification method».

Using the standard settings, the INFOCOIN platform will offer you to confirm viewing the video using a captcha. To do this, use the slider below the picture to swipe the puzzle to the missing place.

After passing the captcha, the information about watching the video goes into the «history» section. Here you can see all the videos you have viewed and their statistics.

If it is done right, you will see a coin appear on your screen — it means your wallet has been credited with INFOCOINs (IC), the name of the platform’s internal currency. The amount of INFOCOINs you will get depends on how much the advertiser has set up per second of viewing. That is, you can get paid more for watching one video than you would for watching a similar video but from a different advertising company.

To see how many «INFOCOINs» you have earned, go to the «wallet» tab. The balance in INFOCOINs is indicated there in big numbers. Above the balance, you can see the current exchange rate of the INFOCOIN to the euro.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the INFOCOIN app, you can get monetary rewards just for watching commercials on our platform.

In order to withdraw your reward you will need to enter your bank card number and perform the withdrawal.

The minimum withdrawal amount on the INFOCOIN platform is 2 euros.

You can watch all the available videos on the platform during the day. The number of ads that the viewers can watch depends on the number of the advertisers' videos posted on the INFOCOIN platform.

IC will be credited for one unique viewing. You will be able to view one video more than once, but you will not be rewarded for it again.

IC is not credited to your wallet in case if your wallet is blocked. Please, contact the support

Withdrawal of funds depends on your bank. If your IC returned to your card, this means your bank rejected the transaction. Try again or try a different bank card.

The amount of cost per view is determined by the advertiser within his budget.