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  • Registration on the platform
  • Fill out your company information
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  • Upload a video
  • Run an advertising
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  • Register on the INFOCOIN platform as a viewer.
  • Confirm your account using the code in the SMS, sent to your phone number.
  • Watch videos from information providers on the home page of the app.
  • Accumulate IC on your balance each time you watch a video.
  • Add a bank card to your account and withdraw your rewards.
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innovative solution to disseminate information


  • increase in market share (%).
  • new channel to attract customers.
  • fight against competitors.
  • representation in the media.
  • scalability.


  • operational distribution information as in the country, as well as in the field.
  • popularization of the country in the following directions: tourism, investment, export.

Mass media

  • getting high ratings.
  • increase in coverage and frequency.
  • information monetization.

Our users’ feedback

William Roth
The figures that exceeded our annual projections were already met by the new year when we began working with INFOCOIN. We continued our cooperation with INFOCOIN for 2023, as we were satisfied with both the results and the team's approach.
Salvador Perez
Go to INFOCOIN and create your account today because they are giving a good amount of money after watching a video on their mobile application. There will be multiple ad options depending on your interest. One can easily understand the interface of this app. I like the platform.
Winfred Delagarza
Is the app where you can make money true or false? I decided to check it out for myself. I watched the training videos and started registering as a viewer to earn my first money. Until now, I'm pleased that I discovered a platform like this on social networking sites. It's a godsend for passive earnings.
Linda Conroy
The INFOCOIN team knows how to promote businesses. Start with quality traffic and a minimal budget. You can test out the sales video. The full view of your content is what you will pay for. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can add the content yourself. I was pleasantly surprised by this.
Lena Fuchs
Paying for advertising or my interesting experience... One day, while leafing through my TikTok feed, a video popped up about watching commercials for financial rewards. So, I decided to try it and took a risk, and I recommend you try it. Withdrawal of finances is not difficult; it is possible, and most importantly, it is not a scam. Thanks to the creators for the product.
Konrad Martinsson
We searched for a long time for an effective tool to strengthen our brand position. After some searching, we found INFOCOIN. Our figures doubled in less than a month. We strongly recommend contacting the INFOCOIN team if you are looking for effective ways to strengthen your brand.
Kazia Tomaszewska
Working with INFOCOIN has made a significant impact on the development and key performance indicators of my business as a startup owner. It is hard for a new business to find its target audience. It took me a long time to find out where to start developing my brand, as I had a limited budget. INFOCOIN was the perfect solution for me!
Julia Klein
You get paid money, and you watch the content. Doesn't it seem interesting? I’m a student, so I don’t have much time to work, but I still want to earn money for my expenses. INFOCOIN has helped me with that. Download the application and watch the video to get ?
Józefa Nowak
I found out about the INFOCOIN app from Facebook, and I couldn't believe how easy it was to go in, watch the video, and make money with one click. "Awesome," I said. It is a cool opportunity. Being a student, I don't always lack money, but this is an insane opportunity. Thanks for making life brighter, INFOCOIN.
Christopher Millen
Today, digital marketing is the best way to promote your business. I decided to use the INFOCOIN platform, and I don't regret my decision. They're aware of how to drive awareness for your brand. A high level of viewer motivation stems from the rewards of viewing information. Your video budget will be distributed to viewers as a reward.
George Torres
A passion for English or a desire to find students. Nowadays, there are many tutors available on the market. However, I wanted to be different and let the kids find their teacher. INFOCOIN helped me. After putting up my English lesson banner, I was able to attract new students interested in studying English to my piggy bank.
Robert Pegues
Have you ever made money watching videos? Well, Infocoin has created an app where you can watch videos and get money for it, and then you can easily transfer it to your card! Well, I've never made such easy money, walking around the park with my little girl, I earned her a doll))
William Krueger
Easy advertising. I like it a lot! My friend advised me to register with the platform INFOCOIN. Since you can choose what to watch while earning money from watching advertising, I must admit that this surprised me. I quickly withdrew my first funds for watching. I will recommend this platform to others. It's an extra passive income.
Marion Cox
Family status is not a hindrance to earning money with INFOCOIN. After the birth of my child, I fell out of the picture a bit. A friend advised INFOCOIN as an extra income. I decided to try; by watching the video, you can earn money. A little about the interface of the site: it's uncomplicated; you register as a viewer, choose a category of videos, and look only at what interests you. Isn't it fabulous? Thank creators for providing passive income.
Mary Hill
Hello! The INFOCOIN platform is more than just advertising; it is a creative workshop run by experts in their field! Thanks to advertising with them, I added a big amount of subscribers, and after getting clients, I do hair extensions! Thank you to this team, which is more of a family than a team! I advise you not to hesitate and run to them urgently for advertising!
Kimberly Blanchette
Social media is how I discovered the INFOCOIN app. I downloaded the app on my phone, signed up, and immediately started watching videos. The IC appeared in my wallet. However, it is accurate that you can only withdraw money if it is at least €2. After a few days of watching videos on the INFOCOIN app, I had enough money to withdraw to my card. It's a nice bonus for my attention.
Amy Smith
INFOCOIN-love from the first viewing. Finally, someone has put an idea into practice. By watching ads, people make money ✨. I could not even imagine that people could earn money watching commercials. You choose a category on the site you are interested in, watch it, and get financial rewards. You spend a couple of hours a day watching videos and earn passive income each month. Guys, I encourage everyone to join.
Connie McGowan
Good afternoon. I am a mother on maternity leave, and when everyone wants to realize themselves and earn money while scrolling through TikTok, I came across an advertisement for INFOCOIN and decided to try it. It was easy and fast, and I could do it from home. The most important thing was that I could earn money. Try it, and you will not regret it. Thank you, INFOCOIN, for this opportunity.
Norma Stephens
I am not a fan of writing reviews, but the INFOCOIN platform struck me with the idea of sharing ad viewing fees with viewers. Usually, you pay large sums of money to advertisers or agencies for placing ads, and it is unclear who viewed them, what the result was, or whether they liked it or not. It is a new feature in the advertising platform market. I recommend the INFOCOIN platform.

What is Infocoin

Today’s world perceives advertising as intrusive and annoying propaganda you want to get rid of as quickly as possible: flick through, roll up, wait it out, ignore it... Nowadays, every information system is forced on people by gigabytes of advertising rubbish, political narratives, and news. Watching advertisements on TV, radio, and social media, the viewer wastes their lives on other peoples’ interests and considers themselves used up. In such circumstances, the advertiser also remains disappointed, as he does not get the desired response and wastes money.

But intrusive advertising is the past! Infocoin — is the information space of the future. The platform has completely revolutionised the commercial information market and created fair and equally favourable conditions both for an advertiser and a viewer. The platform was designed to ensure that advertisers worldwide can easily place their video ads on it and are assured the users would watch it from start to finish with the highest level of attention and involvement.

But what is the secret of viewer involvement? Why would anyone voluntarily watch an advertisement? Thanks to scores of social surveys and studies, Infocoin specialists concluded that people are willing to watch commercials for a reward and adopted the idea (for the viewer). The result is a reward site that actually works and pays money for video views.

As a result, the Infocoin platform has created an entirely new, fair market of exchange services, where advertisers and viewers have respectful relationships, and both sides benefit. ...

Infocoin App — Key Advantage

The platform’s main advantage over similar information and advertising services is that Infocoin has its mobile app.

Download the Infocoin app easily from any application market: App Store, Google Play. Thanks to the app, the user can view video ads anytime, anywhere, choosing the topic of the video they want to watch from the start. Such an approach motivates the viewer to view the content more often and significantly increases the views of advertising videos.

The app is simple and easy to use. You don’t need special skills to download the Infocoin app and register with it — any user can handle it.

The functionality and user-friendly interface are designed so the user can intuitively find the content of their interests, watch the videos and have the ability to withdraw the money they earn quickly. It is worth remembering that for consumers, Infocoin is, first of all, earning money watching videos app.

Earn money by watching video ads

If you do decide that you want to earn cash by watching videos, you can do so in just a few clicks:

  • Take your gadget

  • download the Infocoin app (available on App Store and Google Play)

  • register.

Next, choose the categories you are interested in: it can be “fashion and beauty”, “humour”, “cooking”, “travel”, “animals”, “news and politics”, and many more. With the help of these categories, Infocoin offers those videos that will be of interest to you, and you will get money by watching videos.

A video ad on the Infocoin platform lasts up to 20 seconds. The task of the viewer is to watch the entire video. Once you have viewed the video to the end, the system will ask you to confirm your presence using Touch ID, Face ID or CAPTCHA. After that, your wallet will be charged with payment in Infocoin’s internal currency. The number of infocoins you have earned can be viewed in your personal account, and the infocoin to euro conversion rate will also be shown there.

As soon as you have 5 infocoins in your wallet, you can withdraw them from your account.

By the way, in the INFOCOIN app, viewers can not only earn cash by watching videos, but they can also advertise their own product and earn money from it.

Advertise your brand on Infocoin

Whether you run a business or have a small coffee shop, sell goods or services, run a charity event, or have a social media account, the Infocoin platform is the best way to advertise your services. Have an account but need more followers? Infocoin helps you to become a successful blogger. Do you have a business but few customers? With Infocoin, you are sure to find your consumer, and you don’t need to tediously negotiate, sign contracts and spend a lot of money as you usually do when advertising on TV channels, radio stations, etc.

To advertise, you must create a video at most 20 seconds long and upload it to the platform. Then you decide how much you would like to pay to watch videos the viewer and transfer it to your e-wallet.

To find its customer among all users, the platform suggests selecting the country or city where your video will be broadcast, the gender and age of the potential consumer, their interests, and many other options. It helps to identify your target audience more accurately.

To keep cooperation between the consumer and the advertiser honest, the app has developed a system that prevents viewers from starting the video, setting their gadget on the table and going about their daily activities. The system only shows the user the content when their eyes are focused on the screen. This feature is regulated using Touch ID, Face ID and CAPTCHA technologies.

Moreover, thanks to the transparent service, the advertiser can control the statistics of views, likes, and complaints under its videos. It can be done at any time in the personal account. It’s no wonder that advertising via the Infocoin platform is currently the best advertising online for money.

Main reasons to choose Infocoin

The Infocoin platform is a know-how in the world of information and advertising. It is a platform where an honest, open relationship between the advertiser and viewer is built and everyone benefits: the viewer gets a decent reward for watching the video, and the advertiser receives customers.

It is worth noting that viewers on the Infocoin platform can not only get helpful information but also improve their financial situation as the viewer decides when to stop earning.

Not only entrepreneurs but also bloggers, investors, charities and public leaders can share information on the platform, which significantly increases Infocoin’s possibilities and makes it an exciting platform for the viewer and excellent brand promotion for the advertiser.

The main goals and future plans

The platform’s main goal is to fundamentally change the information world by removing intrusive advertising from the media space. Infocoin is already setting an excellent example of handling advertising products for other media platforms.

The monetisation of commercial information will increase people’s buying capacity, thereby reviving the economy and impacting the creation of additional jobs.

Thanks to budget-friendly and transparent advertising, the platform will promote small businesses as well as create new ideas in society.

Undoubtedly, the future in the world of information and advertising belongs to Infocoin!

Frequently Asked Questions

You just need to download INFOCOIN app from AppStore or Google Play for viewer, register and select categories of videos you are interested in watching.

On the INFOCOIN platform, there are no hard and fast restrictions on advertising. Moderation takes place according to the legislation of the country where the video is broadcasted.

Compared to other platforms, the cost of advertising on INFOCOIN is up to 20 times cheaper than on traditional platforms with video content, while the CTR is 3 times higher. Also, unlike other advertising platforms, you can customize your targeting for your required audience on our platform. Within a day, your video will be viewed by the number of people for which you have configured targeting. The INFOCOIN platform guarantees that the advertiser's video will be viewed from beginning to end. In contrast to other platforms, distribution on the INFOCOIN platform is almost instantaneous.

If you do not receive a code when you register, it means that the platform is undergoing technical maintenance. Please wait a while and try again.

The withdrawal transaction depends on your bank. If ICs come back to your wallet, try to withdraw to another bank card.

Incorrect password for platform security, Your email is not secure, temporary or on the block, Your age is under 16

When an advertiser rewards a viewer for watching his video, he thereby motivates the viewer to buy his product or use his services. The INFOCOIN platform also guarantees that the advertiser's video will be watched attentively from start to finish.

According to INFOCOIN terms of use one viewer can have one account.

Usually, it takes up to 5 minutes.

The number of videos on the platform depends on the number of advertisers (information providers). The more advertisers on the platform, the more videos you get.

If you do not get a code during registration, it means that technical work are being carried out on the platform. Wait a bit and try again.

You can delete your account in the 'Account' section