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All you need to launch advertising on Infocoin is a video of up to 20 seconds in length and a couple of minutes of free time to sign up. Follow the detailed step by step guide , and you will be a part of the InfoСoin team in a few minutes.

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For whom is INFOCOIN suitable


If you've been in business for a while and your competitors think you're a shark in your field, but your results are slipping, and your previous advertising isn't bringing in new customers, the INFOCOIN platform can help you return to its previous level and even increase your income from the market.


On the INFOCOIN platform, not only can entrepreneurs get the attention of investors, but also investors can get themselves popular and attract promising projects that will bring good dividends in the future. By spreading the word on the platform, you will not only become recognisable, but through popularisation, you can increase investor loyalty and protect your investment.

Departments and social policy services

Through the INFOCOIN platform, social services can support the population and find those people in genuine need of social payments. By hosting information about their activities, social policy agencies can provide local assistance to the population, which can be scaled up to the city, district, and even street limits.


It is only half true if you think today's media do not need advertising and create it themselves. After all, who will talk about a newly launched news channel when there are only competitors around? Only the INFOCOIN platform is not interested in anyone's interests. It is willing to advertise to any media outlet, whether it is a TV channel or a similar advertising platform to INFOCOIN.

Public figures and charities

The INFOCOIN platform should not be seen as a platform that only places and promotes advertisements. The platform has a severe social mission with the best intentions - to make the world a better place. INFOCOIN welcomes public and charitable organisations trying every day to make our planet a better and cleaner place: fighting poverty, fighting bad ecology, advocating for green energy, and initiating programmes advocating for gender equality around the world.

Start-up entrepreneurs

Whether running your first start-up or launching a new business that few people know, you need to find a channel to attract new customers. The best option for you is the INFOCOIN platform. By advertising your business on this platform, in a couple of days, you'll acquire the local recognition that start-ups so desperately need.

Download INFOCOIN App

Download the INFOCOIN app easily from any application market: App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery. Thanks to the app, the consumer can conveniently view promotional and informative products anytime, anywhere: at home, in the car, or even on public transport. Such an approach motivates the viewer to view the content more often and significantly increases the views of advertising videos. The app is straightforward to use. No special skills are needed to earn money watching videos app - any gadget user can handle the task.

Download InfoCoin on the App Store & Google Play

How to advertise your brand at INFOCOIN: Detailed guide

Registration on the platform

To start registering, click on the «Sign up» button in the website’s header and select «for advertiser»:

  1. Enter your actual email address in the top line;
  2. Next, enter your name and surname;
  3. Enter your date of birth;
  4. Enter the password;
  5. Repeat the password in the «confirm password» field;
  6. Select your country of residence from the list;
  7. Next, you should read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the platform and, if you are in complete agreement, put a tick in front of the item;
  8. You should read the terms of the public contract and tick the item;
  9. In the end, click on the «register account» field.

To complete the registration, the site asks you for two-factor authentication, an extra layer of account protection. A four-digit password will be sent to the email you specify. Enter the validation code in the empty cells and click «register account».
Congratulations! The registration process is completed successfully!

Fill out your company information

Now you can work with the platform, namely, to advertise your product or service for money. First, you need to fill out your company information. To do this, click on the «company» tab in the left list and click «create a company».

You will see you can advertise on the platform both as an individual and a legal entity. After registration, the first company from an individual is automatically created. Therefore, all you need to do is to fill out, if you wish, the additional information about the company.

The difference is that by placing the information as a legal entity, you will be able to pay for the advertisements from the company account. If you place information from an individual, you will only be able to pay for the advertisements using your personal bank card.

Remember that the more precisely your company’s information card is filled out, the more information the viewer will obtain about you.

To fill out the form for a legal entity, select the tab at the top marked «legal entity» and enter the company information in the fields below (don’t worry about the safety of your information, the Infocoin platform guarantees the protection of your privacy using strict protocols and modern technologies):

  • in the top field, enter the company’s full name;
  • in the field below, enter a short description of your company’s activities — this will help the viewer better understand what you do or what kind of services you provide;
  • further below, select from the list the country where your company is registered;
  • after this, enter the company registration number — this is a unique combination of numbers and letters to enable accurate identification;
  • next, enter your company registration address;
  • in the line below, enter the company’s tax identification number (this is the value-added tax identification number or VAT identification number);
  • in the last line, enter the name of your company contact person;
  • click on the circle with the camera and upload your company logo from your computer (the logo should be no larger than 300×300 pixels);
  • click on the camera icon in the top right corner and upload a company banner (recommended banner size is 1920×260 pixels).

To fill out the form for an individual, select the tab at the top marked «individual» and fill out the company information in the field below (don’t worry, your personal information is strictly confidential, the Infocoin platform guarantees the protection of your data using strict protocols and modern technologies):

  • in the «company name» field, enter your full name;
  • in the «company description» field, you can write necessary information about you or your product that will help attract viewers to your company;
  • select from the list the country in which your company is registered;
  • upload an avatar: a photo or a picture describing you (avatar size should not exceed 300×300 pixels);
  • upload a banner to decorate your page and tell more about you and your activities (recommended banner size is 1920×260 pixels).

Make a payment

To place their content on the Infocoin platform, an advertiser needs to form a deposit, from which payment for broadcasting information will be charged. To do this, follow the steps below:
Click the wallet tab:

  • you need to select a company to deposit the account in the wallet (if the company is from a legal entity, the invoice will be sent to you by email, if the company is from an individual, the payment is made by credit card);
  • select the country in which the content will be shown;
  • you must also enter the amount you are planning to pay (the minimum deposit on the platform is 15 euros);
  • in the nearby line, the system will convert this amount into the platform’s internal currency, infocoins, which you will later use to pay for your advertising;
  • finally, you select whether to pay via payment system or bank account and then click on the deposit button.

After you click «deposit», you will receive an electronic invoice from Infocoin Limited, which will contain the purpose of payment and the amount of payment (which includes the actual deposit and a 20% fee). If you agree to all the terms and conditions, press the «pay» button.

After clicking the «pay» button, your e-wallet will be deposited in 5-10 minutes. Congratulations, now you have a deposit, which means you can place your content on the platform!


Upload a video

To upload a promotional video to the Infocoin platform, go to the «content» tab and click on the «add video» button. You can also upload graphic banners to the platform only in video format. Before uploading content, you need to fill in information about the video.

  • enter the title of your video in the «title» field;
  • in the field «description», shortly tell what your video is about;
  • upload the video itself, with a maximum running time of 19 seconds and a minimum of 2 seconds (after uploading the video, you can preview it will look while viewing on a laptop, computer or mobile phone);
  • in the «company» line, you can select the company from which you want to upload the video if you have several companies.

In the «country» line, select the country where the video will be shown (if you want the video to be shown throughout the country — tick the «all country»). If you want to narrow down the number of viewers, you can use the «region» and «city» fields to select a more precise geographical location for the showing.

  • next, in the «categories» field, select the categories of interest which match the description of your video (using them, the video will be shown to those viewers who chose the same interests when filling in their interests, i.e. the video will be displayed primarily to people who are interested in it);
  • select the language of your video content;
  • in the «objectives of interaction» field, select the options for the viewer’s interaction with you that suit you best;
  • «following a link» — after viewing the video, the viewer can follow a link to your website or social media account
  • «sending messages to email» — after viewing, the viewer can send you a message with a comment to an email
  • in the end, enter the age and gender of your potential viewers and click «publish».

Under the «content» tab, you can view all the information about your video and edit it if desired. Here you also need to send your video for moderation, i.e. verification — for this, you need to click on the paper airplane icon. Also, on the «status» tab, you can see whether the video has passed moderation. Moderation takes place on the relevance of the content to the law of the country where you are going to place it. The status «confirmed» means the video has passed verification and can be published (if you change the information about your content, the video, which the system has already confirmed, is sent for re-moderation).

Run an advertising

  1. To start an advertising campaign, go to the «auction» tab. All the information placed on the platform is collected every 24 hours into a playlist, which is automatically generated for each viewer according to their interests.
  2. To advertise on the INFOCOIN platform, each advertiser must participate in an auction, the main objective of which is to gain first place in the playlist.
  3. To participate in the auction, click on the «add lot» button and choose uploaded content that has successfully passed moderation.

Next, set the bid per second per video. The tab will specify the minimum bid for your posting country, which you can raise to make your video shown as one of the first in the playlist. In the same tab, you can see the number of views and the recommended payment amount. Click the «add» button, and your video will be added to the auction queue if you have enough credit in your wallet. If you don’t have enough money, the platform will automatically redirect you to your e-wallet to deposit it.

Every day, a new auction is held on the Infocoin platform, which viewers can watch from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59. The videos in the playlist are lined up according to the precedence of the bid, where the video with the highest bid will be broadcast first. The auction result will be sent to you in messages on the platform and to your registered personal email account.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to go to the INFOCOIN platform as an information provider, register and verify (the process takes a few minutes). Then enter your company details and set up video targeting (age of audience, gender, what country your video will be seen in, etc.). Next, you need to upload your promotional video with a duration of no more than 19 seconds.

The minimum deposit for a video launch is 15€.

Once a video is posted on the INFOCOIN platform, it is broadcast to your target audience. Under each video, you can place links to your website or shop and in just 24 hours you will be able to get clicks on your links.

You will find all the statistics you need in the 'Statistics' section on your account.

You can upload your video in any format. Our algorithms upload your video in maximum quality and minimum size.

You can upload a video from 2 seconds to 19 seconds

Once the video has been moderated and entered into the auction, it will be available for your viewers every day from 00:00.